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College Planning


The college planning process can be an overwhelming process for anyone with children, college students, graduate students or persons looking to return to school. We can help you navigate the college and scholarship application process as well as assist you in saving thousands on tuition. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with the process.

To learn more about the college planning process and how to save thousands on college tuition, check out my book on my shop page!



Andrea advised my husband and I to talk with our daughter's college financial aid office and ask for more assistance. We did and received several thousand dollars! We wouldn't have known to ask if it weren't for Andrea. She was so helpful. She gave us tips and legit scholarship websites to visit for additional money for college. We couldn't have done it without her!"

-Betty Faulk Hastings, Winston-Salem, NC

I'm so grateful and thankful for the exceptional services provided by ANJ Consulting Services.  I must admit as a single parent you have reservations and concerns about paying for college.  Let me be one of the first of many to share my extreme delight in the services provided to me for my son. ANJ Consulting Services provided detailed information regarding tuition, scholarships and essay assistance at an affordable cost.  By far this has been the best investment I've made in preparation of my son's college future.  Thanks again!! 

-Angela Johnson, Thomasville, NC

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