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Clergy Empowerment Academy

Learn How to Carry Out Your Vision, Build an Effective Ministry Team, and Improve Your Emotional Intelligence!  
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Carrying Out God's Vision Step by Step 

Creating and implementing effective programs is an important role of ministries. Receiving funding for programs will depend on how well the program has been designed. This workshop will cover the process involved in creating, designing, and evaluating programs, as well as how to develop organizational and program budgets.

Date:  On Demand  (The link to the recording will be emailed after registration)

Fee:    $25 (Regular fee $99)

Building An Effective Ministry Team Step by Step:

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the benefits of utilizing DiSC personality assessments in their ministries.  Participants will learn how this tool can help them gain insight into their own personalities, their leaders, congregations, and others they interact witn, as well as how to effectively communicate and deal with conflict.

Workshop Date: TBA

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence As a Leader

This workshop will cover the importance and benefits of utilizing emotional intelligence tools and strategies. A discussion of how participants can use these tools to manage their emotions when triggered, as well as how to understand the emotions of others will also be covered. This understanding can lead to improved relationships, in addition to an improvement in overall well-being. 

Workshop Date: TBA

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