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ANJ Consulting Services

Utilizing a “hand-held” approach in helping clients develop solutions to their financial problems

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Credit Repair and Debt Management Services 



Living with poor credit and struggling to manage your debt can be overwhelming and stressful. From countless bills and notices arriving regularly in the mail to harassing calls from creditors asking when they'll be paid, dealing with debt can quickly become too much to bear. But you don't have to suffer on your own: ANJ Consulting Services can help.

We Are Here To Help

No matter the reason for your predicament, you don't have to endure the consequences alone. ANJ Consulting Services can assist you with developing and implementing a plan to:


                           -Reduce or pay down your debt

                           -Improve your credit

                                               -Establish smart spending practices for a more               

                             financially stable future


At ANJ Consulting Services, we understand that having financial challenges can impact many aspects of your life. When you come to us, we'll take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and offer you the best advice we can. Don't let financial challenges stand in the way of a solid financial future.


Credit Rebuilding

Have you been denied a loan as the result of a low credit score? Many people have trouble maintaining good credit, and once you dig yourself into a hole, it can be tough to work your way out. At ANJ Consulting Services, we offer credit rebuilding services for customers. No matter the state of your credit, we want to help you work through your financial difficulties so that you can improve your credit.


Debt Management

Have you racked up a substantial amount of debt that you're struggling to pay off? At ANJ Consulting Services, we work with our clients to develop solutions to their debt management issues. No matter the extent of your debt, we're willing to work with you to help you find an effective solution to your financial struggles.


At ANJ Consulting Services, we recognize that hefty debt can impact you on many levels. When you come to us, we'll take the time to review your financial circumstances and understand the factors that have resulted in your current situation. From there, we'll work to develop a personalized plan designed to improve your credit, manage your debt, as well as improve your financial outlook. Don't settle for a lifetime of poor credit and crippling debt.